A new exhibition at the Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester, West Sussex was planned for later in 2020.

However, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and the spread of Covid 19, that aspiration has had to be put on hold;

The exhibition's title was to be "The Woods of Caledon", an old term for the native coniferous 'pine' forests that once coverd much of the Highlands of Scotland. I first visited many of the remaining remnants of these forests in the early 1960s and became familiar with their aesthetic, their ecology and their history.

Dr. Frank Fraser Darling has called the destruction of this forest 'the biggest effect man has exerted on the history of the Highlands', and in his book 'Natural History in the Highlands and Islands' he describes bitterly the 'almost wonton destruction of the last extensive primeval forest which had no equal in Europe'.

This proposed exhibition does not appear under EXHIBITIONS on this website, but the works of various kinds that were to form the exhibits are accessible in a gallery of the same name. This gallery is still under construction with works being added and the text finalised.