Although I work in a variety of media I remain fundamentally a painter. Much of my work draws on my professional understanding of two paradigms: landscape and environment (see About).

Notions of landscape and environment are complex, synthetic and contested. I seek to explore these paradigms from both a scientific and cultural perspective, setting them in the context of a re-evaluation of the nature of space, place and locality and their social construction.

This allows an informed interpretation of places important to me and the realisation of those images as paintings. The notion of place of course, transcends the notion of landscape as a traditional art genre and embraces other real, imagined, constructed and abstract places, as well as natural and ‘wild’ places. Time and space are conflated in such notions and condition our perception of particular places.

In addition to painting, drawing has been a staple part of my practice and is applied to a variety of subjects. However, a core element in this part of my practice remains the discipline of drawing the human figure.